2020 Longs Peak Science & Engineering Fair (LPSEF)

Wednesday, February 26, 2020




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Congratulations to Alyssa Keirn for her 3rd Place win at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair!

Krithik Ramesh from Cherry Creek High School in Aurora, CO won 1st place at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair - He received the Gordon E Moore Scholarship of $75,000 for the best project at the 2019 Intel ISEF!

Congratulations to the entire Colorado Delegation at the Intel ISEF!

LPSEF participants Suhaas Narayanan & Charlie Wang won 5th place Best of Fair at the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair, and qualified for the Intel ISEF!

Additionally, Madison Robson won a special award and $50 from the American Industrial Hygiene Association at the Colorado Science & Engineering Fair!

Teachers NOMINATE students for SPECIAL AWARDS

Volunteer Testimonials

“I've been a volunteer judge for the Longs Peak Science and Engineering Fair (run by Longs Peak Science Foundation) since 2009. I enjoy interacting with the middle and high school students and learning about their science, math, and engineering projects. The students really make the experience meaningful. They put so much work into their projects and the Fair gives them an opportunity to showcase their work. Longs Peak Science Foundation sends out useful information before volunteering and provides refreshments to volunteers on the day of the Fair. The volunteers are well taken care of! Volunteering for Longs Peak Science Foundation is a great way to connect with middle and high school students and to be inspired by their enthusiasm for science, math, and engineering.”

—Julie Sexton, Ph.D

“Don’t even hesitate to volunteer! To see these young people light up when they tell you about their projects is an amazing experience! Here is your opportunity to help instill a connection to and love for science in the people who are our future. All the “work” is already done! You just have to show up and help rank it. And in doing so, I promise you, you too will be inspired.”

—Gary Weiderspon, Xcel Energy

Exhibitor & Parent Testimonials

For me participating in the LPSEF has brought a lot of opportunities to my eye I would have missed otherwise. It helped me see other pathways I could use in my future to help be successful.   

~ Megan Starkey, Greeley West H.S.

It [the LPSEF] was one of the best times of my life! I had an amazing time and met some awesome new friends along the way. If you were to ask me why, I couldn't tell you because I had so much fun that time just flew by. I couldn't thank you enough for that awesome experience that I will never forget!   

~ Emma Sorbo, Frontier Academy

Science fair this year has been very fun and educational. It has been nice to talk to professionals in the computer science industry. While I was at regionals, I met multiple different people expressing the same love for computers and math, and I can’t wait to see some of them at state.  

~  Cullen Aasmundstad-Williams, Imagine Charter at Firestone

The Longs Peak Science and Engineering Fair has had a huge impact on our daughter’s interest in science! Starting in 8th grade, she became deeply interested in a number of areas of science because of her participation there. For the past three years she has competed at the LPSEF, advanced to some international fairs, and engaged all areas of STEM in school with excitement. Her future plans to pursue a career in STEM are to a large degree because of the fantastic opportunities she’s had to participate in the LPSEF.   

~ Kevin Keirn, Sr. Division Parent

I am a homeschooler.  We didn’t even know about this fair until last year when my son got first place at our very small school fair and I found it on google.  Lori Ball was amazingly accommodating.  I have never felt out of place or on the bottom of the list because of our schooling choice. My son went as far as he could last year in the Junior Division winning 1st place in Microbiology at State.  It gave him a view into the world of science that I could never have done on my own.  This fair is vital to the future of STEM.  It’s extremely well organized.  The volunteer judges helped my son so much on the comment cards.  It gave him a vision outside of his world and opened doors in his soul to passion, excellence, and freedom through science research.  We came back this year for the senior division and he’s on fire!  He’s found his “thing” and I am very thankful for the experience, the people, and the supporters of the Longs Peak Science and Engineering Fair.   

~ Timalynn Mathews, homeschool teacher in Bellvue, CO

My daughter is in 8th grade and this was her first year at the LPSEF. It was an incredible learning experience for her! We thought she would learn about a topic she was interested in and the scientific process, but it was SO MUCH MORE.  I was constantly amazed at the new skills she learned as she got deeper and deeper into the project.  From day one, she was looking up actual scientific/medical research papers. She learned how to digest them and glean necessary information.  She was overwhelmed at first by the new vocabulary, but eventually learned so many new words and terms.  She learned how  to think critically about what she was reading. Such as how sample size affected the reliability of the studies’ results, how the sample population might affect the conclusions, and how to interpret statistical analyses and to compare the studies' differing methodologies.  Then she used that knowledge to come up with her own study and methods to answer questions she found unanswered in what she was reading.  All skills I never imagined an 8th grader could learn!  

In addition, she gained valuable communication skills with medical professionals in the field as she learned how to write professional emails soliciting guidance or seeking assistance in getting her survey distributed to her target population.  She gained experience in how to respond appropriately and in a timely manner via email to the responses she received, and how to look past disappointment to new opportunities when she did not receive a response.  Throughout the project she developed her time management skills and trained her perseverance, as she dug deep when she ran into barriers and kept pushing on to do it the right way and the best way, not the easiest way.  

Lastly, she learned how to conduct scientific and statistical analyses of her own data and to write that up using the same structure as the articles she started reading in the beginning.  Seeing her come full circle and hearing her marvel at what she had learned, recognize how her reading and writing skills had improved, and express her passion about the topic of her study was amazing. As a parent, I cannot thank you enough for giving her this opportunity! 

~ LeAnn Sipple, Jr. Division Parent

Uncontrolled Variables: A Science Fair Story

A documentary film that follows the students and teachers in three northwest Arkansas schools as they compete in science fair.