Student's Role

  • To select a topic for the project
  • To develop a hypothesis and submit appropriate forms
  • To perform the experiments and record the results and observations
  • To construct the exhibit
  • To explain experiment/project to knowledgeable scientists/judges
  • NOTE: You will need an adult sponsor, such as your science teacher or your parent

Teacher's Role

  • To complete online registration for all participants in your school
  • To motivate students
  • To serve as an advisor for project development
  • To promote student ideas and recognize their intelligence
  • To arrange for special equipment if needed
  • To make sure all necessary forms are completed and signed in a timely manner

Parent's Role

  • To provide expertise on the topic as a resource person
  • To furnish supplies and help locate needed equipment
  • To provide transportation to the library, to resource people, etc.
  • To provide a garage, a room, or an area in home for student to use